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My Triumph Over Reading Challenges

Discovering the Challenge: Dyslexia

At 10 years old, I felt different. Even though I felt mature, I had trouble reading and writing. Words looked mixed up to me. That’s because I have dyslexia. This made me behind in school.

Turning Challenge into Strength

Challenges can be good! I joined a special program. This program taught me how to look at words differently, in a way my brain understood. At first, it was hard. But slowly, I started to understand words better.

Using Tools: The Power of Typing

Typing on a computer helped a lot. With each key I pressed, I remembered the words better. I felt more like the other kids in my class. It wasn’t just about reading. I started to see my dyslexia in a good way. It made me see things differently. I wasn’t behind anymore; I was flying ahead.

Now: Proud College Student

Now, I’m in college and doing well. But it’s not just about good grades. It’s about how I grew, faced hard things, and who I’ve become. At first, it was hard. Other kids read easily, but I didn’t. Some people didn’t understand. They made me feel bad. But inside, I knew I could do more. The program taught me to really know words. I didn’t just remember them. I felt connected to them. Using a thesaurus and understanding different meanings was like solving a puzzle.

The Magic of Typing

Typing was key. The feel of the keyboard under my fingers was special. It was a sign of my progress. Each word I typed felt real and clear.

Learning About Myself

This wasn’t just about school. I learned to love my dyslexia. It let me see things in a new way. This new view helped me in more than just school. I became kinder and stronger.

Looking Back: Every Challenge is a Lesson

Every hard time made me better. Dyslexia taught me to never give up and to believe in myself. We all have great things inside of us.

A Message to All

To parents, teachers, and students: dyslexia isn’t a limit. It’s a different way to see things. With help and belief, you can turn hard things into good things. I’m thankful for the program, the people who helped me, and all who believed in me. My story shows that with hard work and belief, anything is possible. As I move forward, I keep my lessons close to my heart.

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