Dyslexia Strategies: Courtney’s Study Blueprint

Introduction: Navigating College with Dyslexia

Courtney, a 19-year-old sophomore, reflects on her college life and academic achievements while managing dyslexia. Despite challenges, her GPA of 3.5 is a testament to her effort, strategy, and resilience.

Step One: Charting the Terrain

After the holidays, Courtney starts by familiarizing herself with her new books. Given her dyslexia, she uses text-to-speech tools to understand the structure, themes, and key concepts, creating a comfortable study environment.

Step Two: Navigating the Complexities

In her second read-through, Courtney dissects each chapter, using color-coded sticky notes and markers to categorize confusion or queries. This visual learning strategy helps her draw connections between various concepts.

Step Three: Decoding and Mastering

The third read involves a deep dive into each marked section. Courtney employs online resources, class notes, and study sessions with peers to address confusing elements, preparing for proactive discussions with professors.

From Softball Field to Academic Arena

Courtney’s experiences in varsity softball provide her with a unique perspective on strategy and adaptation. She applies these lessons to her academic challenges, transitioning from a sports player to a successful student.

Integrating Dyslexia into Academic Success

Living with dyslexia, Courtney has learned to be resourceful and embrace her unique learning approach. Her evolved study method is a testament to finding alternative paths to academic success.


As the new semester nears, Courtney is prepared for her journey of knowledge. Her Christmas break is strategically used for laying the groundwork for upcoming academic challenges. With determination and a unique approach to learning, she is ready to face her educational endeavors, one page at a time.

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