We Understand the Frustration…


Have you tried unique study practices, worked with experienced tutors, attended specialized schools just to be frustrated by a lack of progress?


Is your child missing out on opportunities, spending sunny days inside struggling to do their homework and study for their exams?


Are you fearful that your child won’t be able to reach their potential due to their struggles in school?

What You Get with Us


We have discovered methods and strategies that truly unlock the brain. Our “Turn Your Brain on Journey” gives you the tools to help kickstart your child’s brain.


Help bring confidence to your child allowing them to bridge the scholastic gap and reconnect with those around them.


Our course will give you a roadmap to help your child find their way to success. With some positive attitude and determination, nothing is impossible.

Who Am I?

Russell Van Brocklen


A reviewer at the International Dyslexia Conference
10+ years educating dyslexic students
Hundreds of students helped

Russell has over 10 years of experience in teaching students with Dyslexia techniques to overcome their current struggles and recognize the superpower they’ve been given.

His programs were developed when he combined the brain research in Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz with the three default writing strategies in Strategies for Struggling Writers by James Collins while in graduate school.  As a result, his initial research program was funded by the New York State Senate and is owned by the SUNY Research Foundation.

He found that motivated high school students with dyslexia increased their writing skills by 7 to 8-grade levels in one academic year. His approach is called The Writing Method.

Russell presented at The Everyone Reading Conference in Manhattan in 2006 and from 2014 to 2019.  He also presented in November of 2018 at a conference run by The Learning Disability Association of NJ.

Russell has also been asked to be a Reviewer for two of the International Dyslexia Association‘s annual conferences, a prestigious role.

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Our Story

A little story about us

At Dyslexia Classes, we know you are the kind of person who wants to be your child’s hero. In order to be that way, you need to acquire the knowledge and ability to help your child. The problem is, there are dozens of resources out there and none of them quite seem to solve the problem or are so expensive you need to drain your child’s college fund. This can really make you feel helpless.

We believe that students dealing with dyslexia should have an alternative option. We understand what parents go through in an effort to help their children reach their potential. That’s why we created Dyslexia Classes and the Full-Circle Program.

Here’s how it works, sign-up for the Full-Circle Course, go through the online course, and finally, help free your child. So, get started now, so you can stop wasting time and money and start your child on the right path to a successful future.

The Full-Circle Course – Testimonial

Pricing Options

Pathway to Advanced College-Level Writing.

Half-Circle Course

Come meet with us weekly Wednesday at 7:00 PM EST to chat about your child’s reading and writing concerns and how to help your child overcome them.

Full-Circle Course

Help your child learn how to write a thesis statement and basic body paragraph, to have the tools for writing a 5-paragraph essay.


Help your child learn how to write a thesis statement and basic body paragraph, to have the tools for writing a 5-paragraph essay. (Bonus: Includes 3-Hours of 1-on-1 Training)

Looking to continue your journey towards advanced college-level writing?
For more advanced training, once the Full-Circle is completed, please contact us here.