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Courtney’s Corner: Overcoming Dyslexia

A Journey Begins in the Library

I’m Courtney, a college sophomore passionate about business analytics and words. Reflecting on my journey, it’s amazing to see how far I’ve come, from struggling with dyslexia to finding success in academics.

Overcoming Reading Challenges

As a child, reading was tough for me. I felt behind my classmates, who easily navigated books that were puzzles to me. But I found control and success in softball, where strategy and discipline ruled.

Applying Softball Skills to Reading

The discipline from softball became my guide in overcoming dyslexia. Working with a reading coach, I used a structured approach, focusing on my strengths. This method transformed my reading, much like strategizing in a game.My reading improved dramatically, going from 70 to 150 words per minute. This progress was like hitting a grand slam in a crucial game, empowering and exhilarating, changing everything for me.

Lessons for Business and Life

Now, as a business student, I apply the resilience and adaptability learned from my literacy journey. Business demands analytical skills, but also the traits I honed while mastering reading.The ups and downs of dyslexia taught me to approach challenges strategically, like a game. I’ve learned that hard work and the right mindset can overcome obstacles.Understanding my unique learning style was key. Leveraging natural curiosity and interests helped me engage deeply with reading, much like I did with softball.

The Power of Discipline and Determination

I applied softball’s principles of discipline and practice to reading. Breaking down complex tasks, like analyzing an opponent’s strategy, helped me manage my reading challenges. Overcoming dyslexia boosted my confidence in all life areas. I learned that my value comes from my approach to learning, not just academic achievements.

Applying Lessons Beyond the Classroom

The discipline I learned extends beyond reading. It’s shaped me into a dedicated student and an aspiring business professional, emphasizing the importance of a clear plan and consistent efforts. My struggles have given me empathy. I understand what it’s like to face challenges, and this motivates me to help others. My goal in business is to create supportive structures for success.

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