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Courtney’s Corner: Charting Success from Struggle

Welcome to our inaugural issue of “Courtney’s Corner”! I am thrilled to become a part of this community and to have the opportunity to share my educational journey with all of you.

Childhood Challenges

 Struggling with Dyslexia As a child growing up with dyslexia, everyday academic tasks felt like a monumental challenge. Despite tireless efforts to cope with my unique learning needs, the gap between my academic abilities and those of my peers was glaring.

Writing liberation program: Turning Point

The Writing liberation program, However, my story took a positive turn upon encountering Russell and the Writing Liberation program. This program was a game-changer, improving my reading fluency and igniting a newfound love for education.

Journey through School

From Struggles to Success The transition from elementary to middle school, and later to high school, can be daunting for any student. But, equipped with the tools I gained from the Writing Liberation program, I not only survived these transitions but thrived.

College Years

Building Confidence and Achieving Dreams Fast forward to my senior year, the previous uncertainties about my academic abilities had completely faded, replaced with unwavering confidence. This transformation laid the foundation for my college years, a phase I had once thought was an unattainable dream.

Current Success

Balancing Academics, Sports, and Work Now, as a Business Administration junior, I maintain a commendable 3.5 GPA, and my college papers consistently earn high B grades. Additionally, I balance my academic endeavors with participation on the varsity softball team and a part-time job.

The Mission of Courtney’s Corner

Sharing and Encouraging, However, this corner isn’t just about my journey. It’s about sharing, encouraging, and motivating dyslexic students and their parents and guardians. It’s about showcasing that with the right help, determination, and tools, success is achievable, and dyslexia is not a barrier to realizing your dreams.

Invitation to the Journey

Together We Can Shine I invite you to join me on this journey through Courtney’s Corner as we explore the challenges, triumphs, and learnings from my experience with dyslexia. Together, we can help our dyslexic children shine their brightest.

Yours in resilience and triumph,


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